Working in a systematic way. Means having the right staff in the right place at the right time. At Nollservice , we’ve worked according to this simple principle for over 20 years. Our in-store service is adapted to meet your requirements and ensures seamless working processes.

Personnel services
from a single source

in a systematic

Every company needs specialists and not just those in management positions. This is where we at Nollservice come in – in addition to the textile, food, construction and wholesale trades, we know our way around practically all industries and offer you tailored personnel solutions for every function.

are here
for you

Working for Nollservice means motivation, variety and challenging roles. Apply for one of our vacancies throughout Germany - lovely colleagues plus flexible working hours come as standard.

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Full service from a single source

Service is so important to us that it’s part of our name. At Nollservice you and your objectives are the central focus from the very beginning. That is why we tailor all our experience, know-how and services to suit your requirements. Decades of experience in the area of in-store logistics and over 1,000 motivated employees throughout Germany guarantee you the highest quality standards and absolute reliability. What can we do for you?

Replenishment and placement of goods

We cast the right light on your goods: Whether it’s promotion-related or through continuous support, we guarantee that your shop floors are equipped with the right products at all times and that your customers are always well supplied.

Shelf service

Order is essential: We guarantee comprehensive shelf management whilst also ensuring optimal product presentation. This applies to the initial set-up as well as to the ongoing organisational management.

Picking and packing

We help out everywhere: Regardless of size, type and number of units, when it comes to classic sorting work or the assembly, packaging and shipping of products, your project is in the best hands with us.

Warehouse operations

We like to stack things high: The larger the warehouse, the more comfortable we feel. Our flexible warehouse solutions adapt to every requirement. Our trained team take care of all warehouse activities on a project-related or a permanent basis.


You can count on us: We undertake partial or full stocktakes quickly, accurately and reliably. In doing so, we easily adapt to both in-house processes and systems – thus offering you the highest level of control and security.

Reorganisation and refurnishing

We cater to your needs: From strategic reorganisations to the completely new furnishing of your stores and sales areas, we are at your side throughout the entire planning, design and implementation process with professionalism and commitment.

Package sorting

We’ll sort that out for you. The sorting of packages is not an easy task. Here, experience and logistical skills are needed to ensure that the shipments arrive where they should. Our support staff have both at hand and can even be deployed at airports.

Airport service

Together we’ll get off to a flying start. Airports are governed by extremely high security standards and special demands are also placed on the staff. Our employees are trained to work at airports and are highly qualified thanks to background checks and aviation security training.

Seasonal business

When the pressure’s on, we're there. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, the summer sales or asparagus season - when the workload increases, it quickly leads to staff shortages. To keep the work going, we support you with reliable teams of staff with experience of the industry.

"Here at Nollservice, the personal commitment is worth it and the pay is right too.”

Karin Lütjen, 47 years old, from Cologne and a Team Leader in Food retail business, has worked at Nollservice for 14 years.

"At Nollservice, the service is not only right on paper, but is also visible on the shelf.”

Willi Schäfer, owner, REWE Mönchengladbach

“At Nollservice I value the open communication and the friendly atmosphere in the team.”

Gabriele Gaspar, 63 years old, from Berlin and a Team Leader in Textiles, has worked at Nollservice for 7 years.

makes all the difference

Our testimonials:
Satisfied customers

Nollservice GmbH was founded in 1994 by Hans Noll. Since then, our company has grown steadily and has established a very good reputation for itself, especially in the textile and food industries. I, Pia Hanisch, have been running the company successfully together with my brother, Max Noll, since 2013. During this time, we have steadily expanded our portfolio so that we cover the entire personnel value chain.

Our service:
Personally tailored

At Nollservice we have made it our business to offer innovative and flexible personnel services, as well as individual full-service concepts, throughout Germany: That is why we always tailor our solutions to suit your personal needs, as well as to current market developments. For us, complex requirements are always a challenge that can be solved; we call this working in a systematic way.

Our commitment:
To be motivated every day

We know your industry and know what is important to you. Together, we will find the right personnel management solution for you. Put your trust in our decades-long experience – our employees are looking forward to their assignments.

There for you, personally:
Your Project Team

Many years of industry experience and professional know-how make us reliable people you can trust at eye level. We support you from start to finish – let’s get things done!

Pia Hanisch

  • Managing Director
  • +49 (0)2205 920 290

Max Noll

  • Managing Director
  • +49 (0)173 4023744

Luca Stoffels

  • Project Manager Textile/In-store logistics
  • +49 (0)152 03591108

Svetoslav Gospodinov

  • Project assistance Logistics
  • +49 (0)152 05801648

Sven Bochinski

  • Project Manager HR/Logistics/Airport
  • +49 (0)162 3966344

Martina Hassel-Pick

  • Project Manager Food retail business
  • +49 (0)162 6001832

Daniela Willecke

  • Recruiting

Vincent Kracht

  • Apprentice

Victor Kracht

  • Apprentice

Nathalie Noll

  • Payroll accounting/HR
  • +49 (0)2205 9202912

Karin Noll

  • Payroll accounting/HR
  • +49 (0)2205 9202910

Bianca Noll

  • Payroll accounting/HR
  • +49 (0)2205 9202911

Conny Rausch

  • Payroll accounting/HR
  • +49 (0)2205 9202913

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